Fotona Face 4D

Fotona Face 4D in Fullerton, CA

Fotona Face 4D, exclusively available at Epiphany Medspa & Wellness in Fullerton, CA, represents the pinnacle of non-invasive facial rejuvenation. This state-of-the-art treatment seamlessly combines the precision of laser technology with advanced skincare techniques. Fotona Face 4D ensures a holistic approach to skin tightening and rejuvenation by targeting both the exterior facial skin and the interior oral cavity. The treatment’s efficacy lies in its ability to stimulate a comprehensive collagen contraction, resulting in a visibly tighter and more voluminous skin appearance, eliminating the need for injectables.

The procedure is meticulously designed, encompassing a 4-step process. Each step, namely SmoothLifting, Frac3, PIANO, and Superficial, addresses a specific aspect of facial rejuvenation. Together, they synergistically enhance skin tightness, rectify deeper skin imperfections, and provide rapid, effective laser-tissue heating. The culmination of these steps imparts a refined, pearl-like finish to the skin. For those yearning for a natural-looking facelift without the challenges of surgery, extended recovery periods, or the use of needles and who expect prompt results, Epiphany Medspa & Wellness stands ready to remake your skincare journey.

Benefits of Fotona Face 4D:

Treatment areas include:

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Anyone seeking a non-invasive approach to facial rejuvenation and tightening can benefit from Fotona Face 4D.

Results are often visible immediately right after the treatment.

The longevity of results can vary, but many patients enjoy the benefits for several months to years.

Fotona Face 4D is a non-invasive procedure with minimal to no downtime. Some of our patients may experience slight redness or swelling, which typically subsides quickly.

It’s essential to consult with Epiphany Medspa & Wellness specialists for personalized pre and post-treatment care instructions.

The treatment involves laser procedures targeting exterior and interior facial areas. Each step is designed to address specific rejuvenation needs, ensuring comprehensive results.

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